Thursday, July 24, 2008


Josstintimberlake (or JT for short) has been around
the scene for while.
Based out of the UK, he has has notable outputs
on labels like, gainlad, and abulia concepts!

Oh, yeah...he has a couple releases with us as well ;)

Anyway, this micro-raving champion of the chip-tune
world recently teamed up with another artist, known as Jellica
(northam, Future Komp) to produce this wonderful
VERY lowbit album that, simply said, fucking rocks!!

Nearly two-hours worth of precious audio compressed down to
8kbps, 8khz prove that great music still sounds
great, regardless of the bitrate.
After hearing this release, my appreciation for JT's work
(and my newfound appreciation for Jellica) only becomes

This release is very techno/acid/chiptune oriented and
with the exceptionally low bitrate added into the mix
providing a low-fidelity feel, a sort of classic or old-school
feel is apparent.

Be forewarned, this release isnt for everyone (sadly).
Many people out in the scene are real assholes when it comes
to bitrates and what they feel should be the lowest
bitrate music should be encoded to.
to them I say "bite me".
to everyone else, please enjoy a
truly classic release that, in my opinion, is JT's strongest output yet.
And with Jellica now included in the proc-rec
artist list, I can only hope that this will be the beginning
of many more releases from both.

Please join in me celebrating another great release
free of charge ;)


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