Monday, July 28, 2008



the true champion of sound here at proc-rec is Razxca, and
he is back once again with a great release of something
much more intense and crazy than anything that mere instruments
could duplicate.

Well known both for his experimental/noise/musique concrete sounds,
Mikhail has introduced us to a style of audio
that begs an attentive ear!
Using nothing more than human voices, he and his companions
demonstrate a characteristic of sound creation that proc-records has
never before seen or heard.

Truly classic sound poetry!

To underscore just how diverse of a sound creator that Razxca is,
I would like to use this release as an example of his true
artistic capabilities, AND his ability to go in a completely
different direction yet still remain fully creative and interesting!!

It is important to remember that Razxca is much more than
a traditional musician. His original and resourceful
sound methods have placed him in a whole new catagory
of art, and I am pleased to have him with the proc-rec crew.
Words fail me, however, when I try to describe this
release in a practical manner. I've found it to be much more
beneficial for the listener to enjoy the release for themselves
rather than have me explain my gratitude for having
such wonderfull sounds available.

please, dont pass this release up.
Original music is hard to find these days, unless your computers
are surfing the web over to ;)

Nina, Razxca, Alexey...
Thank you for sharing this great
little ep with us!!!


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