Thursday, July 31, 2008



The netlabel scene has alot of talent to offer.
proc-rec is an excellent example of that.
But a recent friendship with one netlabel in particular immediately
prompted a collaboration and release!

While this isnt the first time I've done a split release with
endometrium cuntplow (see [TFN087] ) it IS our first
one on one split release with each other, and one
that I am exceedingly proud to release.

Endometrium Cuntplow is a very diverse artist based out
of california who also runs a rather prolific netlabel
of his own called Love Torture Records.

This release features two tracks (one from each of us)
that fit the genre's of ambient, drone, noise experimental.
They also both have a dark, damp and chilly feel to them, so be
prepared to go on a wild of sound.

Im not quite sure what else to say about these pieces because,
essentially, the music speaks for itself.
However, I would like to humbly thank EC for being
so cooperative, open-minded, and enthusiastic to venture
on this project with me.
This is hopefully only the first of many, many split releases
with him.
(both here at proc-rec and elsewhere!)

The time has come for me to bring this linear note to an end, and not
a moment too soon.
There are more pressing issues to take care of at the moment...
like playing this release!!

enjoy :)


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