Tuesday, July 29, 2008



After much anticipation, XENOCATS second solo release with
proc-rec is now available for free download and
maximum enjoyment!

An EP which has not only met, but exceed all
hopes and expectations, THE ANCIENT SOUNDS OF ARCADIUS
is much, much more than a brand new release by this
US artist.
It is an epic sound journey full of in-your-face action
and show stopping headliner new wave rave anthems!

Highly experimental in every aspect and original beyond comparison,
XENOCATS have the proven ability to deliver the appropriate
beats needed to get not only your attention, but your respect.
This release is much more intense than its predecessor though, so
if you are a first time listener, be forwarned that
you might be thrown right into the middle of something completely

Regardless, this little ep is a certainly a treat for the ears and
is an awesome addition to our already kick-ass catalog
of more free sounds.

Dont be afraid to look up XENOCATS on myspace either!
simply go to www.myspace.com/xenocats
to stay up-to-date on ALL xenocats happenings!!!


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