Wednesday, July 23, 2008

proc-rec gets physical!!!


proc-rec, which primarily is a net-label, is already putting
together it's very first physical release!

Available both on cassette and file format (WAV) , this
very ambient split-release features a piece from both
Lee Rosevere and c4 (Adam Crammond) titled
"gelwaz" which is a sub-derived word meaning

However, due to limited resources and time, there
will only be twenty-five (25) cassettes created.
Ideally, I would like to start making limited-run physical releases
a little more commonplace around proc-rec, along with
having the ability to download the releases for free
through the regular proc-rec catalog at

this cassette is still currently in production and should be
completed by august 3, 2008.
I'm still debating how to effectively distribute them,
though if you send me an email with an address
to mail it out to, along with how many you would like
(please, no more than 2 per household!!) Im sure that
would be the best method for the time being.

As proc-rec continues to grow,
our commitment to audio and art is
always a top priority.
We shall always remain a net-label, but
even the best free music shouldn't be limited
to file formats.
if we happen to receive a demo that we would
rather have released either on cdr and/or cassette,
we will ask to release it as such.

in the meantime, please remain active and well informed
about proc-rec, its artists and the music they release.
there are alot of options out there, and we
appreciate you choosing us.

remember...NOISE WILL BE NOISE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm excited to hear it. It'll be cute sitting next to my 4-CD box set of Lee's "Reason".

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