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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


due to a relocation of living, proc will be on
hiatus until further notice.
during this time I will not be accepting demo's
although I will attempt to release the music
i currently have.
However, since i probably will not have
consistent access to internet, this may
take a little longer than anticipated.

I apologize for this brief inconvenience,
but I know the good people of the underground
will understand.
in the meantime, feel free to download any of
the releases currently available on the proc-rec
catalog until my move is completed.


Thursday, February 17, 2011



now I love noise as much
as anyone.
experimental music holds a special
place in my heart.
The intentional volume clipping,
the complete randomness, the grime-ridden,
filth laden track selections that
destroy speakers, not to mention
the obligatory pre-conception
from the noise-haters of the underground.
but, I'm also a sucker for a good ol' melody.
that ever-important section of harmony
that you just cant get out of your head
no matter how hard you try.

Over the years proc has proven itself
to be a musical force to be reckoned with,
and standing right there by us since
day one was none other than
the fabulous Origami Repetika, a man
known quite well in the netlabel
scene for composing epic micro-albums
which build you up with
unparalleled positivity
and good fortune.
Adam Sigmund, hailing from the USA, first
debuted on proc back in 2007
(wow, has it honestly been that long?)
with his "Microphone Brush" album, coming
in at cat# [proc010]!!!
Since then, he has released the occasional ep
with proc, and at other fine labels
like 20kbps and Abulia Concepts.

This new ep has been a long time coming,
but was nothing short of momentous, a quintessential
fifteen minutes of time well spent
smiling and wrapping your mind around those
groovey and smooth melodies
that seem to remind me of days of my youth
or sunny afternoons spent outside laying
on the ground watching clouds slowly change shape
as they continue ever onward with their journey into
make no mistake, this album is a definite
mood-changer/enhancer and is
a true proc-rec album in every regard.

seize the moment, forget your
budget for a moment
and splurge some of
your hard-earned bandwidth on
this unforgetable piece of art.


Sunday, February 13, 2011



every album tells a story.
whether it's the first song you made
love to, or an EP that you played
on repeat while cramming for a test
the night before, music is eternally
tied to our emotions and can provoke
even the strongest emotions or memories
pretty easily.
Regardless of the reasons or
situations, music, either heard by
the maker himself or played continuously
by a fan of the track(s), everyone
has a story to tell with sound, and
this particular album has a pretty
funny story, albeit a frustrating one
at times.

Daniel Wymark, the musical mastermind
behind the Ploof alias had sent me
this album a few months ago.
I had played it through a few times and
was impressed by it's experimental
nature, thus, i made the motion to
have it released on my label, no questions asked! :D
however, it soon became deleted
accidently by certain people, unable to
extract from the compression at other times,
misplaced in a mess of folders
at another and then finally, completely wiped
out by a computer virus that left me scraping
to find a way to simply get proc back online
in a timely fashion.

yes, this fantastic album has had quite a digital
journey, but now, here it rests.
comfortably within the catalog listing
of proc-rec .

the album itself is quite an interesting
venture through underground
experimentalism. using alot of
distorted, bent, broken, and all
around manipulated vocal samples, Ploof
loosens the bonds of conventional music
In many ways, this album reminds me of
one of my favorite albums of all
time, plastikman's "closer" release, where
he heavily utilizes vocal layers
in about the same way.
this is a well-rounded album, with
a hodge-podge of varied musical
styles which include deep minimalism, IDM,
ambient and drone.

you might not attach any sort
of meaning to this album at all, although
i sincerely hope you will.
this is a fantastic example of someone
using their minds to the possibilites of whatever.
not being content with the normal
or worried about what others may think
of the end result.
a true proc release in every sense of the word.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011



returning once again
to proc-rec, 6pyt brings us another
unique differential and genuine spin
on experimental music with his
latest mini-release, Happy Rodger!

using some low-key underground
vst's 6pyt damages the netlabel scene
with sheer brutality, demonstrating
superb skill in sound-randomization.
the opening piece is more of an 8-bit
ambient piece, chaotic in nature though
still quite slow and very appropriate
for an opening piece.
the second piece is much more intense and
brutal, laying waste to everything in it's path
with it's bass-heavy drums, sharp snares
and relentless bombardment
of crushed 8-bit percussion.

though it is a fairly brief album, just under
5 minutes in length, it is a powerful
moment in musical history on proc.
true artistry is experienced within the context
of this ep, allowing
us to fully realize the idea
that we are not confined to certain
rules or regulations with art.
we are able to release
whatever we want, however
we want!!!
this is the power of music, of art, and
of the underground netlabel scene
found here at proc and at other fine
netlabels worldwide.
grab this album and make it part
of your musical catalog!!!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011



having been blessed with some free time,
i decided to go looking through
the archives of recently submitted music
to proc and release something :D
the first thing that came to mind was an
album by yet another artist who hasn't
shown his face in a while, Shaun Phelps aka
Flat Affect!!!

having been a contender on the electronic
music scene, holding such
titles as "Grand Poobah of glitched noise and
international drone-champion" Flat Affects
music has touched many listeners lo the
past decade or so.
featured on a variety of labels, some of which
include (though certainly
are not limited to)...
Okkuluth, Smell the stench, snip snip,
Splatterfuck, sharpie and his own SP netlabel
(thats alot of "S" netlabels, btw)
he also is showcased on proc-rec's
sublabel, 4m@, a handful of times and
has even had a brief stint with proc
on some of our compilations and splits.
to call him "busy" is a severe understatement.

on this particular album we find
him in fine form, making music his slave
and bending the audio to do
his bidding!!!!
Gorgeous noise and drone tracks, all of which
(except for a remixed one) have an
approximate runtime of 10+/- minutes or so,
and feature remixes from such artists like
Buddhist on Fire!!!

A highly experimental album in
every regard, Shaun takes us into
the deepest recesses
of genuine noise landscapes, using very simple
tools but achieving maximum
effect (again, through almost saint-like simplicity).
Unfortunately, words cannot do this album
any justice whatsoever, and I am therefore left
to ask the listener to completely devote
your attention to every moment
of this album, not simply playing it
in your car speaker or in the background
at your home, until you have
completely seasoned yourself to the full
potential of what this album has to offer.

thus, should you find yourself searching
for one of the albums thats helps make
proc so great (i hate to brag, but it's the truth),
then you go!
a brand new release from my main-man, Shaun!!!

noise will be noise


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