Thursday, February 17, 2011



now I love noise as much
as anyone.
experimental music holds a special
place in my heart.
The intentional volume clipping,
the complete randomness, the grime-ridden,
filth laden track selections that
destroy speakers, not to mention
the obligatory pre-conception
from the noise-haters of the underground.
but, I'm also a sucker for a good ol' melody.
that ever-important section of harmony
that you just cant get out of your head
no matter how hard you try.

Over the years proc has proven itself
to be a musical force to be reckoned with,
and standing right there by us since
day one was none other than
the fabulous Origami Repetika, a man
known quite well in the netlabel
scene for composing epic micro-albums
which build you up with
unparalleled positivity
and good fortune.
Adam Sigmund, hailing from the USA, first
debuted on proc back in 2007
(wow, has it honestly been that long?)
with his "Microphone Brush" album, coming
in at cat# [proc010]!!!
Since then, he has released the occasional ep
with proc, and at other fine labels
like 20kbps and Abulia Concepts.

This new ep has been a long time coming,
but was nothing short of momentous, a quintessential
fifteen minutes of time well spent
smiling and wrapping your mind around those
groovey and smooth melodies
that seem to remind me of days of my youth
or sunny afternoons spent outside laying
on the ground watching clouds slowly change shape
as they continue ever onward with their journey into
make no mistake, this album is a definite
mood-changer/enhancer and is
a true proc-rec album in every regard.

seize the moment, forget your
budget for a moment
and splurge some of
your hard-earned bandwidth on
this unforgetable piece of art.


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