Sunday, February 13, 2011



every album tells a story.
whether it's the first song you made
love to, or an EP that you played
on repeat while cramming for a test
the night before, music is eternally
tied to our emotions and can provoke
even the strongest emotions or memories
pretty easily.
Regardless of the reasons or
situations, music, either heard by
the maker himself or played continuously
by a fan of the track(s), everyone
has a story to tell with sound, and
this particular album has a pretty
funny story, albeit a frustrating one
at times.

Daniel Wymark, the musical mastermind
behind the Ploof alias had sent me
this album a few months ago.
I had played it through a few times and
was impressed by it's experimental
nature, thus, i made the motion to
have it released on my label, no questions asked! :D
however, it soon became deleted
accidently by certain people, unable to
extract from the compression at other times,
misplaced in a mess of folders
at another and then finally, completely wiped
out by a computer virus that left me scraping
to find a way to simply get proc back online
in a timely fashion.

yes, this fantastic album has had quite a digital
journey, but now, here it rests.
comfortably within the catalog listing
of proc-rec .

the album itself is quite an interesting
venture through underground
experimentalism. using alot of
distorted, bent, broken, and all
around manipulated vocal samples, Ploof
loosens the bonds of conventional music
In many ways, this album reminds me of
one of my favorite albums of all
time, plastikman's "closer" release, where
he heavily utilizes vocal layers
in about the same way.
this is a well-rounded album, with
a hodge-podge of varied musical
styles which include deep minimalism, IDM,
ambient and drone.

you might not attach any sort
of meaning to this album at all, although
i sincerely hope you will.
this is a fantastic example of someone
using their minds to the possibilites of whatever.
not being content with the normal
or worried about what others may think
of the end result.
a true proc release in every sense of the word.


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