Wednesday, June 29, 2011



remember that
story your
grandmother used
to tell you
at night?
well, neither
do we...
but we're not
here for that
sort of thing.
instead, proc
is going to tell
you a story
about a man.
but not just
any man. this
is a story
about a man who
made music.
but not just ANY
man who made music,
this man was named
Richard Naugle.
but not just
ANY man
who made music
Richard Naugle...
The Rich Naugle
from Toledo, Ohio
who operates
a killer netlabel
called Splatterfunk
But not just ANY
man named
Rich Naugle who
operates a killer
netlabel called
good lord, I'm sorry
for all of that
useless text filler.
But unlike
these linear notes,
this album
has no filler

Returning to proc-rec
with a brand new
EP of luscious
audio perfection,
my very-close friend
and fellow sound
artist, Rich Naugle
(aka Splfk)
was determined
to remind
the underground
of his existance
through the use
of deeply
rivetting basslines,
warbly melodic
tones, un-structured
rhythm and all
around jovial-themed

Opening the EP
with tracks like
"Leg of Lamb" and
"Empty Bottle", he
easily maintains
the entire
album, abruptly
time signitures
at a moments notice,
employing guerilla-tactics
of musical suprise
with each and
every track
he makes.
Moreover, his
direct and focused
to detail makes
these pieces
all the more
interesting and
enjoyable as we
are able to
not only play this
album multiple times,
but to
actually WANT
to play it
multiple times,
discovering other
new and exciting
elements which
we might have
missed by being
swept up into the
sheer insanity
of the previous
listening experience.

With Rich,
you always
know what
to expect,
which, in
essence, is not
to know what
to expect at all...


Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Lee Rosevere was
one of the first
people whom
I encountered
in the
underground netlabel
scene who really
treated me
like family.
operating his
own netlabel,
Happy Puppy Records,
the emphasis
and value which
he placed on
operating a label
which released
music completely
and exclusively
for free was a
quality that soon
became the driving
force behind my
entire musical career.
roughly five
years later,
we still manage
to keep in -somewhat-
regular contact and
maintain a level
of comradery which
I have valued
in the
highest regard.
The problem, however,
has been
getting him
to release
music on my
label as much
as I would
like him to! :P
Since his
first release
with proc back
on proc007,
I have anticipated
the next upcoming
awesome, (albeit rare)
album from this
ambient, progressive
thinking, musical
Now, I don't
want you
to think for
a second
that there
has been a
drought of
other GREAT
electronic music
here in
the underground.
just search
catalog, or
any of our
friendly label links to
get a fresh
taste of
all the
latest musical
happenings, all
the way
up and down
the bitrate scale...
but having music
from Lee
is honestly
deal for me.
this release.
allow me to
explain why...

I am a strong
supporter and
of the
lobit musical
movement, and this
album is
one of only
a handful of
releases from
him which
is encoded
at what
some would
consider a
brutally low
Following no
structure or
rhythm, this
longform piece
is 9+ minutes
of premium
droning, luscious

the second
of a planned
three-part series,
(the first of which
has already been
released on the
fabulous 8Ravens
netlabel. the
final planned for
possible release
on 20kbps), this
is an exquisite
representation of
Mr. Rosevere conducting
his robotic-infused
symphonic opus
and, as always, giving
back to the community
which he loves so much.

excuses un-acceptable.
download and play this
album post-haste.


Sunday, June 19, 2011



proving once
again that there
IS talent in
the underground
netlabel scene,
proc-records is pleased
to announce
a brand new
release from
our newest member
to the proc-rec
family, d0x10!!!
but, before i begin
to explain this release
in better detail,
allow me to give a brief
background of this artist!

d0x10 is the alias
of Jukka-Pekka Kervinen,
a Finnish sound
producer, writer
and artist of visual
works as well, has
studied music
and composition
at the University
of Helsinki, where
he has also taught.
Having been involved
in music since
the age of 10, his
musical direction for
about the past two years
has been primarily focused
"old 8-bit machines,
especially game consoles
and their sound chips,
writing programs which
manipulates sound
chips directly
(game consoles
as they contain
interesting sound
chips, especially
old FM-chips like
YM2413, YM2151, YM2612
, consoles contains
own processors,
usually 6502 or Z80
which makes it
possible to control
the sound generating
process directly
in console itself)."

An equipment list
which consists of a
Sega Genesis (YM2612),
Sega Master System (YM2413),
NES, Gameboy,
Atari 2600, MSX,
Atari 65XE,
ZX Spectrum,
and a Korg Kaossilator, he is
able to take chip-music
into a whole different
direction entirely.
this specific album,
which features 5
similar pieces,
all structured around
the same basic premise,
offers us a better
idea as to what
his true passion
wonderful experimental

for fans of
Army Of 2600, carfil,
and Steuker
(all of whom are
proc-rec artists!!),
are sure to
find something
about this
album which
will make you smile.
Don't waste
another moment!
Download this album
immediately and open
your mind to the
possibilites of
true experimental audio!

thanks to d0x10
for generously
giving us such
a great and wonderful

d0x10 _-_d0x10-2cocox4



remember the
early days
of IDM
and braindance?
When artists like
Aphex Twin
and Autechre were
at their peak
of skill and
wrote such
beautiful compositions
which were full
of meaning and
carried deep
emotion within them?
Well, our good
friend and
artistic family
member, jjoth, has
created a piece
very similar
to what I had
just described.

A very simple, single
track EP, Red Moon
is comprised
of intense percussion
and a calm,
quiet melody.
Typically, we listen
to jjoth's music
in a much lower bitrate,
but this track is encoded
at 192kbps MP3!

If this is the current
musical direction
which Jjoth will
be working with,
then I am very excited
to see what else he
has in store for the
Fans on Jjoth are sure
to appreciate
the simplicity and elegance
of this mini-album


Saturday, June 18, 2011



back at proc-rec with
a second round
of sheer
brutality, the
man known
as CDR has
once again
given proc
the incredable
oppurtunity to
his wonder
sound techniques
all over
the world!!
Straight from
the wonderful
country of China,
CDR has taken
control of his
sound machine
and crafted 4
wonderful tracks
to sheer
perfection, demolishing
everything in
it's path
through utilization of
intense, yet
almost hypnotic
amen breaks.

Weighing in at
just under twelve
minutes, this
4-track EP
is the truest
example of what
Mr. Hikaru is
capable of!!
From the very
track of
are immediately
thrown into
this constant
barrage of distorted
breaks, kicks, snares
and hi-hats,
layerd over
crazy melody
and blended
together at a
BPM that would make
your grandmother
want to take a cold
shower to prevent
from overheating!

I have been a fan
of this man's music
for about 2
years, and have
thoroughly enjoyed
his musical
outputs at labels like
Sub Rec,
Teikoku Records,
Cock Rock Disco,
and an equally
impressive catalog
of self-released
material on his
own label
RDC Records!

CDR is an
artist who is
a tremendous
asset to any
netlabel and
due to the
experimental and
abstract nature of
his music, and
with his seemingly
endless amount
of talent which
coincides with his
unique ability
to make his ideas
a reality, he
is easily one
of the most
influential artists
of our time.

so please, allow
me to share my
excitement with
you and welcome
the second (of many
more, I hope!!) album
from a man who
needs no


Friday, June 17, 2011



Now, let's not forget
the whole reason why
I started proc-rec in
the first place.
I wanted a place where
only the purest of
raw, passionate
could take place.
a place where
artists could say
"hey, you know what?
I feel like
holding a cordless
drill up to
a microphone,
running that
microphone through
a distortion pedal
while yelling
variations of
Shakespear's "hamlet"
in Ebonics during
a telephone call
to someone in russia
who doesn't understand
a lick of
english anyway....
but suffice it to say,
likes what he heard!!!"
THAT is what proc
is all about.
24/7/365. period.

Since first talking
with Shaun Phelps
over 3 years ago,
I was immediately
drawn to the
sheer potential
he showed,
using his sounds
as a means
to an end.
signaling the only
logical progression
in music, he
grabbed the scene
by the yam-bags
and tugged
on it until
he achieved
the results
he wanted.
I'm sorry, that last
sentence didn't
really make a whole lot
of sense, but then
again, nothing
really has to.

However, let it be
known that
once Mr. Phelps
almagamated his
skill for sound
creation with the
sheer brilliance of his
other musical
cohorts known as
Cowboys Vs Robot,
the outcome was
that of ultimate perfection.
Appropriately titled,
"A Beginning" takes
us on a journey
deep into
the extreme.
Random samples
pulsate from
your speakers,
layered with echo
and any other
effect imaginable
(I'm sure), instrumentation
from CvR supports
the progression
of the piece.

Unlike alot of
other releases
of this type,
this jam session is
cut to a perfect
length, which
allows it to be
easily digested in
one sitting, and
has a remarkable
replay value to boot.
its noisy, but
not noise.
electronic, though certainly
not electronica.
droning enough to
be always interesting
and counter-culture
enough to be "cool",
but not skinny jeans,
hair tossing,
buy-your-music-from-best buy cool.
you know?

I'm sorry, this was a terrible
review for such a great album.
But I hope
it at least conveyed
the message that I was
hoping to.
Flat Affect has always
had a special place
in my heart, and CvR
(I hope that's a
proper abbreviation
for you guys!) has
definitely left a lasting
impression on me!!!
having the two sound
projects come
together is definitely
a begining which
I hope has no ending!!

endless respect to you guys!


Thursday, June 16, 2011



throughout the entire
underground musical
netlabel movement,
few netlabels
or artists for that matter
have been as
influential or have
done as many releases
as genetic trance.

as both an artistic sound
project and a netlabel,
Genetic Trance has had
tremendous output
of only the purest of
experimental music, always
re-inventing himself
and discovering
techniques of sound
creation which model the
begining of the
musical movement.
Hailing from
the great country
of the Ukraine, much
like Jjoth, GT
has demonstrated
true greatness with
his general skill of
producing quality
sound without
sacrificing his principles.

admittedly, when
I first
heard this
album I was
expecting something
else entirely.
this album
has a distinct
focus on
structure, with another
strong emphasis
on melodic
body, encompassing
a broad array of
various styles of
electronica, verifying my
thoughts of
Genetic Trance's
true skill
with music.
While all of
the tracks on
this great
album are
worth talking
about, my
personal favorite
track was
which is a
much more
journey into true
sound and
mental exploration.

Genetic Trance is
always an
artist who
can accomplish
an artistic
task with
great skill
and tact.
His label
being a good
example of
his excellent
ear for sound,
and using this
album as
a proper
reflection of his
seemingly endless
pool of inborn
talent, GT is
a musician who
truly embodies
the qualities
which I expect
out of all
proc-rec artists.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011



hopefully, somewhere
along the
upon hearing the
word "noise", proc-records
(or at least one
of our artists!)
comes into
your mind.

since 2007, I have dedicated
every ounce of
energy regarding
this label towards
actively seeking
out and, for lack
of a better word,
"signing" only
the finest of
artists, while at the
same time trying
to balance out
the brutal
onslaught of
noise audio
with a rhythm-based
or electronic spin
on the genre.

Noticing recently
just how bad
and poorly put
together alot
of the noise compilations
were on
some of the newer
netlabels coming
around were,
(and again, this is
merely my opinion)
I decided to
roll up my sleeves,
get ahold
of 4 of the truest,
rawest, and
the most sound-bending artists
and have them
lay down some
fresh material,
just to remind
the underground noise
movement what it's
really all about!!

from Florida, we've got
Flat Affect teaming up
with a friendly
side-project Cowboys Vs Robot,
from the Ukraine, It's
a gorgeous noise/drone
piece from Vziel
(known as vzlprjt
on this release),
from my home-base
of Toledo, Ohio comes
a track of monu-MENTAL
perfection from
two talented gentleman.
One of my best-friends,
Richard Naugle
(of the splatterfunk netlabel) and
his genious counterpart,
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
(together as Gargoyle Monument),
a track from me
in my typical noise/drone
style, and from
Detroit, the grand Poobah
himself, the supreme
dominator of everything
noise, new, and experimental,

Whether you are
a seasoned
noise-lover, or
simply a first time
listener to this
aspect of sound, you
are sure to find
something on here
to make your
soul smile, your ears
bleed, and of course,
inspire you to
make some noise yourself!

are you STILL reading this??
damnit, man!
pay attention to the music!!!

massive respect and
endless thanks to
everyone who contributed
to this little compilation
and to those
who wanted to but couldn't!!
maybe next time!! ;)

(thanks to Patrick for
the cover image and
compilation title!!!)

p.s. if you plan on
burning this album
to cd, it has been
recommended to
remove the 2-second
pause in between
the tracks.
it works magnificently!



Sunday, June 5, 2011



ahhh yes!!!
I have waited
a VERY long
time for an album
by this artist!!!
mr. CDR, who hails
from Tokyo, Japan!!!

an impressive
and extensive catalog
of releases at
various labels and
netlabels world-wide,
not to mention operating
his own label, RDC rec
which releases cdr
and mp3 albums, mostly
of breakcore style.

Hikaru Tsunematsu is a
man who is very well known
and highly respected
in his particular genre
of music.
dealing mostly with
punk electronica
and breakcore,
he has consistently
pushed boundaries
and genre's to new
heights, simply through
pure, raw experimentation.
maliciously destroying
amen breakbeats and
incorporating pulsating
bass lines worthy of
properly destroying any
and all sound systems
with the greatest of ease,
CDR is an artist
that you can
always count on to
bring something
new and exciting
to the table.

Much like his other
releases, this
album is all over the place
in terms of sound.
intense beats provide
a basic backbone
for the tracks, while
equally intense
melodic structure acts
as glue which binds the
percussion and groove
together, making them
whole and complete.

get busy with downloading this!
for all the newcomers to
the underground, prepare
to witness the strength

massive respect to CDR!!



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