Sunday, June 19, 2011



remember the
early days
of IDM
and braindance?
When artists like
Aphex Twin
and Autechre were
at their peak
of skill and
wrote such
beautiful compositions
which were full
of meaning and
carried deep
emotion within them?
Well, our good
friend and
artistic family
member, jjoth, has
created a piece
very similar
to what I had
just described.

A very simple, single
track EP, Red Moon
is comprised
of intense percussion
and a calm,
quiet melody.
Typically, we listen
to jjoth's music
in a much lower bitrate,
but this track is encoded
at 192kbps MP3!

If this is the current
musical direction
which Jjoth will
be working with,
then I am very excited
to see what else he
has in store for the
Fans on Jjoth are sure
to appreciate
the simplicity and elegance
of this mini-album


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