Sunday, June 5, 2011



ahhh yes!!!
I have waited
a VERY long
time for an album
by this artist!!!
mr. CDR, who hails
from Tokyo, Japan!!!

an impressive
and extensive catalog
of releases at
various labels and
netlabels world-wide,
not to mention operating
his own label, RDC rec
which releases cdr
and mp3 albums, mostly
of breakcore style.

Hikaru Tsunematsu is a
man who is very well known
and highly respected
in his particular genre
of music.
dealing mostly with
punk electronica
and breakcore,
he has consistently
pushed boundaries
and genre's to new
heights, simply through
pure, raw experimentation.
maliciously destroying
amen breakbeats and
incorporating pulsating
bass lines worthy of
properly destroying any
and all sound systems
with the greatest of ease,
CDR is an artist
that you can
always count on to
bring something
new and exciting
to the table.

Much like his other
releases, this
album is all over the place
in terms of sound.
intense beats provide
a basic backbone
for the tracks, while
equally intense
melodic structure acts
as glue which binds the
percussion and groove
together, making them
whole and complete.

get busy with downloading this!
for all the newcomers to
the underground, prepare
to witness the strength

massive respect to CDR!!



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