Wednesday, June 15, 2011



hopefully, somewhere
along the
upon hearing the
word "noise", proc-records
(or at least one
of our artists!)
comes into
your mind.

since 2007, I have dedicated
every ounce of
energy regarding
this label towards
actively seeking
out and, for lack
of a better word,
"signing" only
the finest of
artists, while at the
same time trying
to balance out
the brutal
onslaught of
noise audio
with a rhythm-based
or electronic spin
on the genre.

Noticing recently
just how bad
and poorly put
together alot
of the noise compilations
were on
some of the newer
netlabels coming
around were,
(and again, this is
merely my opinion)
I decided to
roll up my sleeves,
get ahold
of 4 of the truest,
rawest, and
the most sound-bending artists
and have them
lay down some
fresh material,
just to remind
the underground noise
movement what it's
really all about!!

from Florida, we've got
Flat Affect teaming up
with a friendly
side-project Cowboys Vs Robot,
from the Ukraine, It's
a gorgeous noise/drone
piece from Vziel
(known as vzlprjt
on this release),
from my home-base
of Toledo, Ohio comes
a track of monu-MENTAL
perfection from
two talented gentleman.
One of my best-friends,
Richard Naugle
(of the splatterfunk netlabel) and
his genious counterpart,
Dr. Rhomboid Goatcabin
(together as Gargoyle Monument),
a track from me
in my typical noise/drone
style, and from
Detroit, the grand Poobah
himself, the supreme
dominator of everything
noise, new, and experimental,

Whether you are
a seasoned
noise-lover, or
simply a first time
listener to this
aspect of sound, you
are sure to find
something on here
to make your
soul smile, your ears
bleed, and of course,
inspire you to
make some noise yourself!

are you STILL reading this??
damnit, man!
pay attention to the music!!!

massive respect and
endless thanks to
everyone who contributed
to this little compilation
and to those
who wanted to but couldn't!!
maybe next time!! ;)

(thanks to Patrick for
the cover image and
compilation title!!!)

p.s. if you plan on
burning this album
to cd, it has been
recommended to
remove the 2-second
pause in between
the tracks.
it works magnificently!



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