Thursday, June 16, 2011



throughout the entire
underground musical
netlabel movement,
few netlabels
or artists for that matter
have been as
influential or have
done as many releases
as genetic trance.

as both an artistic sound
project and a netlabel,
Genetic Trance has had
tremendous output
of only the purest of
experimental music, always
re-inventing himself
and discovering
techniques of sound
creation which model the
begining of the
musical movement.
Hailing from
the great country
of the Ukraine, much
like Jjoth, GT
has demonstrated
true greatness with
his general skill of
producing quality
sound without
sacrificing his principles.

admittedly, when
I first
heard this
album I was
expecting something
else entirely.
this album
has a distinct
focus on
structure, with another
strong emphasis
on melodic
body, encompassing
a broad array of
various styles of
electronica, verifying my
thoughts of
Genetic Trance's
true skill
with music.
While all of
the tracks on
this great
album are
worth talking
about, my
personal favorite
track was
which is a
much more
journey into true
sound and
mental exploration.

Genetic Trance is
always an
artist who
can accomplish
an artistic
task with
great skill
and tact.
His label
being a good
example of
his excellent
ear for sound,
and using this
album as
a proper
reflection of his
seemingly endless
pool of inborn
talent, GT is
a musician who
truly embodies
the qualities
which I expect
out of all
proc-rec artists.

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