Wednesday, June 29, 2011



remember that
story your
grandmother used
to tell you
at night?
well, neither
do we...
but we're not
here for that
sort of thing.
instead, proc
is going to tell
you a story
about a man.
but not just
any man. this
is a story
about a man who
made music.
but not just ANY
man who made music,
this man was named
Richard Naugle.
but not just
ANY man
who made music
Richard Naugle...
The Rich Naugle
from Toledo, Ohio
who operates
a killer netlabel
called Splatterfunk
But not just ANY
man named
Rich Naugle who
operates a killer
netlabel called
good lord, I'm sorry
for all of that
useless text filler.
But unlike
these linear notes,
this album
has no filler

Returning to proc-rec
with a brand new
EP of luscious
audio perfection,
my very-close friend
and fellow sound
artist, Rich Naugle
(aka Splfk)
was determined
to remind
the underground
of his existance
through the use
of deeply
rivetting basslines,
warbly melodic
tones, un-structured
rhythm and all
around jovial-themed

Opening the EP
with tracks like
"Leg of Lamb" and
"Empty Bottle", he
easily maintains
the entire
album, abruptly
time signitures
at a moments notice,
employing guerilla-tactics
of musical suprise
with each and
every track
he makes.
Moreover, his
direct and focused
to detail makes
these pieces
all the more
interesting and
enjoyable as we
are able to
not only play this
album multiple times,
but to
actually WANT
to play it
multiple times,
discovering other
new and exciting
elements which
we might have
missed by being
swept up into the
sheer insanity
of the previous
listening experience.

With Rich,
you always
know what
to expect,
which, in
essence, is not
to know what
to expect at all...


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Robotic Joe said...

Lmao, I <3 this review so much! Great job Richard on the the album and rad review Adam. ~ Robotic Joe!

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