Saturday, June 18, 2011



back at proc-rec with
a second round
of sheer
brutality, the
man known
as CDR has
once again
given proc
the incredable
oppurtunity to
his wonder
sound techniques
all over
the world!!
Straight from
the wonderful
country of China,
CDR has taken
control of his
sound machine
and crafted 4
wonderful tracks
to sheer
perfection, demolishing
everything in
it's path
through utilization of
intense, yet
almost hypnotic
amen breaks.

Weighing in at
just under twelve
minutes, this
4-track EP
is the truest
example of what
Mr. Hikaru is
capable of!!
From the very
track of
are immediately
thrown into
this constant
barrage of distorted
breaks, kicks, snares
and hi-hats,
layerd over
crazy melody
and blended
together at a
BPM that would make
your grandmother
want to take a cold
shower to prevent
from overheating!

I have been a fan
of this man's music
for about 2
years, and have
thoroughly enjoyed
his musical
outputs at labels like
Sub Rec,
Teikoku Records,
Cock Rock Disco,
and an equally
impressive catalog
of self-released
material on his
own label
RDC Records!

CDR is an
artist who is
a tremendous
asset to any
netlabel and
due to the
experimental and
abstract nature of
his music, and
with his seemingly
endless amount
of talent which
coincides with his
unique ability
to make his ideas
a reality, he
is easily one
of the most
influential artists
of our time.

so please, allow
me to share my
excitement with
you and welcome
the second (of many
more, I hope!!) album
from a man who
needs no


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