Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Lee Rosevere was
one of the first
people whom
I encountered
in the
underground netlabel
scene who really
treated me
like family.
operating his
own netlabel,
Happy Puppy Records,
the emphasis
and value which
he placed on
operating a label
which released
music completely
and exclusively
for free was a
quality that soon
became the driving
force behind my
entire musical career.
roughly five
years later,
we still manage
to keep in -somewhat-
regular contact and
maintain a level
of comradery which
I have valued
in the
highest regard.
The problem, however,
has been
getting him
to release
music on my
label as much
as I would
like him to! :P
Since his
first release
with proc back
on proc007,
I have anticipated
the next upcoming
awesome, (albeit rare)
album from this
ambient, progressive
thinking, musical
Now, I don't
want you
to think for
a second
that there
has been a
drought of
other GREAT
electronic music
here in
the underground.
just search
catalog, or
any of our
friendly label links to
get a fresh
taste of
all the
latest musical
happenings, all
the way
up and down
the bitrate scale...
but having music
from Lee
is honestly
deal for me.
this release.
allow me to
explain why...

I am a strong
supporter and
of the
lobit musical
movement, and this
album is
one of only
a handful of
releases from
him which
is encoded
at what
some would
consider a
brutally low
Following no
structure or
rhythm, this
longform piece
is 9+ minutes
of premium
droning, luscious

the second
of a planned
three-part series,
(the first of which
has already been
released on the
fabulous 8Ravens
netlabel. the
final planned for
possible release
on 20kbps), this
is an exquisite
representation of
Mr. Rosevere conducting
his robotic-infused
symphonic opus
and, as always, giving
back to the community
which he loves so much.

excuses un-acceptable.
download and play this
album post-haste.


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