Sunday, June 19, 2011



proving once
again that there
IS talent in
the underground
netlabel scene,
proc-records is pleased
to announce
a brand new
release from
our newest member
to the proc-rec
family, d0x10!!!
but, before i begin
to explain this release
in better detail,
allow me to give a brief
background of this artist!

d0x10 is the alias
of Jukka-Pekka Kervinen,
a Finnish sound
producer, writer
and artist of visual
works as well, has
studied music
and composition
at the University
of Helsinki, where
he has also taught.
Having been involved
in music since
the age of 10, his
musical direction for
about the past two years
has been primarily focused
"old 8-bit machines,
especially game consoles
and their sound chips,
writing programs which
manipulates sound
chips directly
(game consoles
as they contain
interesting sound
chips, especially
old FM-chips like
YM2413, YM2151, YM2612
, consoles contains
own processors,
usually 6502 or Z80
which makes it
possible to control
the sound generating
process directly
in console itself)."

An equipment list
which consists of a
Sega Genesis (YM2612),
Sega Master System (YM2413),
NES, Gameboy,
Atari 2600, MSX,
Atari 65XE,
ZX Spectrum,
and a Korg Kaossilator, he is
able to take chip-music
into a whole different
direction entirely.
this specific album,
which features 5
similar pieces,
all structured around
the same basic premise,
offers us a better
idea as to what
his true passion
wonderful experimental

for fans of
Army Of 2600, carfil,
and Steuker
(all of whom are
proc-rec artists!!),
are sure to
find something
about this
album which
will make you smile.
Don't waste
another moment!
Download this album
immediately and open
your mind to the
possibilites of
true experimental audio!

thanks to d0x10
for generously
giving us such
a great and wonderful

d0x10 _-_d0x10-2cocox4

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