Friday, June 17, 2011



Now, let's not forget
the whole reason why
I started proc-rec in
the first place.
I wanted a place where
only the purest of
raw, passionate
could take place.
a place where
artists could say
"hey, you know what?
I feel like
holding a cordless
drill up to
a microphone,
running that
microphone through
a distortion pedal
while yelling
variations of
Shakespear's "hamlet"
in Ebonics during
a telephone call
to someone in russia
who doesn't understand
a lick of
english anyway....
but suffice it to say,
likes what he heard!!!"
THAT is what proc
is all about.
24/7/365. period.

Since first talking
with Shaun Phelps
over 3 years ago,
I was immediately
drawn to the
sheer potential
he showed,
using his sounds
as a means
to an end.
signaling the only
logical progression
in music, he
grabbed the scene
by the yam-bags
and tugged
on it until
he achieved
the results
he wanted.
I'm sorry, that last
sentence didn't
really make a whole lot
of sense, but then
again, nothing
really has to.

However, let it be
known that
once Mr. Phelps
almagamated his
skill for sound
creation with the
sheer brilliance of his
other musical
cohorts known as
Cowboys Vs Robot,
the outcome was
that of ultimate perfection.
Appropriately titled,
"A Beginning" takes
us on a journey
deep into
the extreme.
Random samples
pulsate from
your speakers,
layered with echo
and any other
effect imaginable
(I'm sure), instrumentation
from CvR supports
the progression
of the piece.

Unlike alot of
other releases
of this type,
this jam session is
cut to a perfect
length, which
allows it to be
easily digested in
one sitting, and
has a remarkable
replay value to boot.
its noisy, but
not noise.
electronic, though certainly
not electronica.
droning enough to
be always interesting
and counter-culture
enough to be "cool",
but not skinny jeans,
hair tossing,
buy-your-music-from-best buy cool.
you know?

I'm sorry, this was a terrible
review for such a great album.
But I hope
it at least conveyed
the message that I was
hoping to.
Flat Affect has always
had a special place
in my heart, and CvR
(I hope that's a
proper abbreviation
for you guys!) has
definitely left a lasting
impression on me!!!
having the two sound
projects come
together is definitely
a begining which
I hope has no ending!!

endless respect to you guys!


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