Thursday, July 28, 2011



for over the past
5 years or so,
I've had the
pleasure of
speaking with,
working with,
releasing with, and
basically just
getting to know
the geniousness
of that which is
Kai Nobuko.

Currently residing in
a secret location
in Thailand, this
fellow, who has released
on nearly every
lobit netlabel in
the underground,
has seemingly
dominated this happy aspect
of electronica with
sheer simplicity through
killing his oponents with
nothing but kindness, his
albums, which
cover a wide variety
of topics, lenghts, ideas,
and styles, have brought
joy to many
people across the globe.

this new album, from
his Covolux alias, is
an epic representation
of sheer experiMENTALism,
minimalism and ambience
rolled into one giant sound-gift.
by combining a genuine love
for people and music,
not to mention the unity
which we all hope for, Kai
has once again delivered
an appropriately
styled EP for people
to calm down and focus

make this an album
to put on your
portable media device
and listen to on long-train
rides or brisk walks on an
autumn evening.


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