Friday, August 5, 2011



alot of things have changed
at proc over the
past few years.
our release schedule
has become
a little more
flexable, allowing
for greater frequency
in release
time (barring a
work-schedule which
doesn't consume
too much
extra spare
We've also
seen artists
come and
go, people
who have been
new to
the netlabel
scene as
well as
seasoned producers
simply looking for
yet another
musical outlet.
For much of
proc's past
fiscal year, comprising
from August-August,
releases have
been relatively sparse
simply due to
economic and
time contraints
which have left
both my wallet and I
feeling slightly drained.

However, when the
timing has been
appropriate enough,
I've been able to
brew up a pot of
coffee and sit down to
re-establish proc's
persistant desire to
release the finest
of global electronica!

Having known Andy
for many years, I have
been able to
see his talent
go from "incredable"
to "off-the-charts amazing",
doing much more
than the average
underground IDM
producer of our time.
Exemplifying true
excellence in precision,
Andy has, time
and time again, shown
his passion for music
in ways previously
unseen or unheard of
by not only myself, but
from a
global community
of like-minded

In his usual fashion,
we once again
find ourselves
devouring a
delicious multi-track
EP of beats cooked to
perfection, with Mr. Culvre
as the man
behind the scenes,
cooking the music
to delight the
tastebuds of your
cerebral cortex.

covering a broad
array of styles,
from his insanely
accurate sound
placement at
high bpm's, to his
ambient landscapes,
and those all too pleasing
hip-hopish breakdowns
which are executed
at just the right moments!

unfortunately, all good
things must end, and
with a run-time of
under ten-minutes, don't
be suprised if
you happen
to play this album
a few times over
before listening
to something else.
at any rate, you
won't be disappointed!!


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