Monday, August 29, 2011



while many netlabels
base their success
on the amount
of releases
they have,
despite the fact
that proc has
nearly 450
wondeful mini-ep's,
full lengths,
singles, 7"
and compilations,
I consider
no netlabel to
be successful
OR complete
without the musical
harsh noise stylings
from THE noise
project which has
re-defined a genre,
and once
again placed
Detroit on the
for being the leader
in just about
anything sound-related.

the name says it all.
and if you're like me,
that name means
(and says a whole
hell of a lot!).
Patrick Doyle, among
other things, is nothing
short of a sonic-noise
pioneer, accepting
his place as the
crowned king of
all things experimental
and harsh.
With a discography
that is as impressive
in sound and style
as it is in sheer
size, RedSK defines
what it means to be
a DIY musician.
his artform
live to
help pay the
bills, his
label of TFR
(an umbrella
which covers
his net-label
aspect as well)
and perpetuates
itself through generous
donations and support
from other
artists through
the purchasing
and trading
of other
physical releases.
"Often immitated,
never duplicated"
is the only way
to express this
man's work.

This album
shows Patrick in
fine form,
as is typical
from him.
just under one-hour
and ten minutes,
we find ourselves
buried deep within
the belly of the beast,
music which shatter
all pre-conceptions
about noise, regardless
of the listener.

As with all
noise releases,
i encourage
the listeners
to be prepared
to embrace
the un-expected.
RedSK is always
taking shit to a whole
new level, but for
someone who is
no seasoned listener,
the perfection of it
all may be too much
to handle at once.
if you need
to, take this
and play it in small
doses before digging
right in.

Bottom line,
this album
is just
completely sublime.
Admiring the man
who is RedSK, I myself
know how difficult it
can be to make a noise
album with any
sort of substance or
replay value.
This man, however,
does it with
such ease and
expertise, it is
imperative to give
credit where
credit is due.
and in this case,
you better bring a whole
suitcase full

always a pleasure
having a new one from
this cat...


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