Monday, August 29, 2011



prepare for an audio
monsoon that will
shake the very foundation
on which you
stand, because
proc-rec is getting
ready to give your
ears an audio pounding
from a whole selection of
artists who take
their music very seriously.

one such artist is
the talented CDR
who I've had
the privelage of
releasing on more
than one occasion
during the last 3 months
or so!!
by generating complex
moments of breakbeat
segments and pulsating
heavy basslines tagged
with seemingly perfect
melodic tones, his music
is sure to please
even the most hardcore
fan of un-defineable
this album, which was
created entirely
on a gameboy
with the help of the
LSDJ game-pack, contains
four tracks of
nothing but the
finest in audio insanity.

CDR's music at proc
has been an excellent
addition to our roster, and
speaking as someone who
loves good music like this...

prepare for a
of audio perfection,
at a price
that will leave you
only wanting


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