Saturday, August 6, 2011



Let us not
forget the
true value and
meaning of
purpose-driven art.
serving as a
pleasurable reminder
of why certain people
choose to create music,
Pollux and
My Anus Burns
joined mental-forces
and embraced
a journey of
musical creation on
levels previously
unheard of.
Two very talented
(though subsuquently
just as diverse)
men from polar
parts of the world,
divided by
a huge mass of water,
Pollux, a well-known
underground ambient
artist and CEO of
chose a worthy
musician to
do a split with
on his latest release
with proc-rec.

Using his
techniques of
sampling sound, in
conjunction with
his all-around
spectacular methods
of generating
melodic textures, he
allows his creations
to float smoothly
on a comforting
cloud of ruthless
ear-pounding noise
as performed
the way only MAB can!!

The end result
is something
truly pleasurable indeed.
Twelve tracks, which
include original material
and remixed
versions of them
as well, amalgamate
to one another
with such beauty
and simplistic
dominence, one
can only assume
that such pieces
were just
as enjoyable
to produce as
they are to listen

Seing as how
both artists
are quite prolific
and good
at what they do,
I am expecting
to see much more
excursions between
these two musical
however, in
the meantime,
what we have here
in our midst
is something
that not only
our artistic
community, but
the world as a whole
has needed for quite
some time...a reminder
of just how fragile
life is, and a deeper
understanding of
how two diverse, yet
talented people
from very different
cultures can come
together and create
something very special
out of nothing but chaos.


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