Sunday, September 25, 2011



2011 was a very
challenging year
for many people,
including myself.
there has been
much uncertainty
as many people
have faced job
loss, extreme poverty,
homelessness, among
other things.
and in the midst of
all of this crazyness,
there have been
few things to
hang onto and believe

On August 25th 2007,
proc's message of
un-censored creativity
became a reality.
Artists from any corner
of the world now
had a platform
to turn to when
all others turned
a blind-eye
to those who wished
to convey a particular
though through sound.

Since then, proc has
had 8 major
compilations, each of
which has existed upon
the 50th release cycle
within the catalog.
And each time a new
compilation has been
released, I always look
back to that day
when all I had was
an empty inbox, waiting
for my very first
demo submission.
proc is everyone.
proc is every sound.
proc is the rhythm
and pulse of an
entire underground
movement filled with
people who have their
own lives and challenges.
people who's music
is something
much, much more
than just a hobby.
But, proc would be
NOTHING without
these people.
Each compilation has
been an amalgamted
Like a patchwork-quilt
of sound, each person
has taken their own
personal spin on
an idea and generously
given proc the exclusive
offer of releasing

Before I end these
notes, I would like to
say thank you to Kai,
Arnaud, Lucas, Mathias,
Ale X, Sascha, Eugene,
Mikhail, jjoth,
pedro and Lee
for everything
they have done to help
make proc and the entire
underground netlabel
scene what it is today.

and more specifically to
Kai for putting together this
marvelous compilation
and Arnaud for his help
with re-naming
and preparing
the compilation
for release.
With my time and life
being so limited and
un-certain, it is nice
to know I can count
on you guys to
lend a hand when
I need it.

without further delay,
please allow me to express
my excitement
in releasing our 450th
album, the 8th major
compilation, and
one of the largest
compilations on
proc to this day.


i mean...



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