Sunday, May 29, 2011



after a pause in releasing that
seemed to last forever
(and to the entire
underground, I'm
entirely appologetic!!!)
we now have a brand
new release
from a brand new proc-rec
family member, the hairy giant!!

already known around the
as being a force to be
reckoned with, the
hairy giant has
had two commendable
outputs already
at places like
justNOISEit and the
always amazing 8Ravens
(my personal favorite netlabel
on the scene!!)

known for having a
very distinguished
style of noise and drone,
this new jersey-based
mastermind has
put a new spin on
bedroom noise production
by using the
time-tested elements
of harsh walls
of white noise, intense
bursts of
samples and the
ever impulsive
explosive characteristics of
DADA improvisation!!!!

the six pieces of audio
which comprise this
ep are arranged
splendidly and carry
enough emphasis within their
life to allow them to have a
relatively high replay value, an
aspect of noise music
that we dilligently search for
at proc, and therefore will only
release such work.

It goes without saying
that the hairy giant
is precisely the type of artist
that proc wants, meeting
every one of the
few criteria that
we ask for, he has
above-all remaind
true to himself and
given the entire
global underground
a loving
spoonful of delicious
noise that will certainly
take the edge off
of a stressful day.

please!! do not pass
this album up!!! download it,
share it with your friends, burn
it to a cdr,,,whatever!
just be sure to play it
again and again....and again!!!


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