Wednesday, February 2, 2011



returning once again
to proc-rec, 6pyt brings us another
unique differential and genuine spin
on experimental music with his
latest mini-release, Happy Rodger!

using some low-key underground
vst's 6pyt damages the netlabel scene
with sheer brutality, demonstrating
superb skill in sound-randomization.
the opening piece is more of an 8-bit
ambient piece, chaotic in nature though
still quite slow and very appropriate
for an opening piece.
the second piece is much more intense and
brutal, laying waste to everything in it's path
with it's bass-heavy drums, sharp snares
and relentless bombardment
of crushed 8-bit percussion.

though it is a fairly brief album, just under
5 minutes in length, it is a powerful
moment in musical history on proc.
true artistry is experienced within the context
of this ep, allowing
us to fully realize the idea
that we are not confined to certain
rules or regulations with art.
we are able to release
whatever we want, however
we want!!!
this is the power of music, of art, and
of the underground netlabel scene
found here at proc and at other fine
netlabels worldwide.
grab this album and make it part
of your musical catalog!!!


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