Sunday, May 30, 2010



the music of today, or at
least the underground
music, seems to follow a
very similar theme
of disorder, chaos, ruthless
self-denial and of course,
the amalgamation
of those feelings into
an all-encompasing
thought process.
Noise has especially become
a rapidly growing form
of expression through audio
over the past 5 years, and
certainly quite noticeably
over the course
of maybe even the
past two or three.
I'm not one to brag, but
I am very proud
with the success which proc
has had, especially
within the underground
noise community.
It has been a goal of mine
to keep the label at
the forefront of the noise
scene, becoming
a terminous or focal point
for creative output
and un-restricted
musical expression.
having artists like Pushing Task,
also commonly found
using his alias of jnmerd,
on the label
makes my lovely chore
of listening and releasing
great music that much easier.

his extra-unique hybrid of noise
ambient and minimal are quite
refreshing to find and hear on
a regular basis.
such things are what propels
the noise genre into a whole
new form of creative expression.
I have said on multiple occasions,
and I fully believe it to be a fact,
there are such things as GOOD and
BAD noise.
Good noise can be found through
modulation, experimentation, attention
to detail, various effect usage, and, forming
the foundation for the genre is an
un-wavering love for the sound and
true dedication and commitment
to making progress
wherever possible.
Thus, artists like Pushing Task
can easily be weeded
out of the seemingly endless
amount of low-quality
noisesters who only want to
mess around with junk and
be as loud as possible.
Another crucial element to
creating a noise album of substance
is making sure of it's replay value.
If it is only downloaded one time and played
one time...what's the point???
Such things are not so
with PT, and certainly not with
this ep.

I have played this album multiple
times during various times
of the day while doing various tasks
and have found it to be effective when
reading, resting, or just
wanting to have something comforting
playing in the background.
regardless of why you would want
to download this album, please
make sure you do.
I would hate for you to miss it...

another quality product from
my neighbor to the North (Canada)...


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