Friday, May 21, 2010



on the whole, the music world is
constantly changing.
Sometimes for the
worse, but more often than
not, for the better.
my personal musical life has
taken a slight directional
change due to a side-project
which I was recently a part of.
However, things will work out
(after all, they always do).

Anyway, this release by one of
my favorite proc-records artists
is truly a double edged sword of sorts.
It is a brand new album of
never-before-released material,
although, suffice it to say, upon
receiving this album, Qygen
confirmed that this would be the
last album for a long time
(due to respectable and honorable
changes taking place in his own life).

The album itself is a true gem
of hardcore sound perfection.
those wonderful drum sequences,
perfect melodic pitch
and score, deep grimey
basslines and just the right
amount of everything else
are what have made Qygen albums of
the past so memorable and
close to my heart.
My personal favorite pieces on this
ep is the third and final track, which
combine the afformentioned
crucial elements
all in one, making it a
perfect way to bring to an album of this
caliber to a close and punctuating this
artist's career.

Qygen has certainly left a mark and a
name for himself nearly the past 2 years.
Fulfilling the requirements of every proc-rec
artist by remaining true to himself
and to the scene as a whole, Eric's legacy
of sound is without a doubt
some of the biggest shoes to fill.

if you download one album this month,
make it this one

Until next time, Eric.
best of luck!


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