Saturday, May 8, 2010



I'm a firm beliver in the fact
that good music still sounds good, regardless
of the bitrate (and sometimes even
BETTER, because of a lower bitrate!)
our next artist, who has been around the
netlabel scene for nearly a decade, is no
stranger to bitrates, codecs or file properties.
in fact, his music has been all around
the bitrate-encoding spectrum.
With sounds as low as 8kbps (and lower, im sure!)
all the way up to .wav releases, Sascha
certainly knows his way around an encoder.
But his music goes far beyond just bitrates.
His highly eclectic DJ mixes and live performances
join together all aspects of electronic music, forging
sounds together into a cornocopia
of pure audio perfection.

This lengthy release is a two-track LP
of live DJ mixes and performances from
our Germain-based musical mastermind.
The first mix, which is roughly two hours long,
is a very minimal-house mix filled with nice samples,
great drum sequences, and a suprising
amount of bass preservation even at 8kbps!
The second half is a much harder heavy-techno
mix with an oldschool rave sound.
This is a perfect mix to get people out
on the dancefloor and raving the night
away until the sun rises :)
Both pieces are encoded in mono mp3
and take up very little space.
If you are going on a long train ride or
simply want something to take with you
to a house party, DEFINITELY make sure
this is an album that finds it's way onto
your mp3 device!!!

ravers of the world UNITE!!!

big respect to sascha for one again
allowing proc to spread his sounds world-wide


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