Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I have a few friends who claim they like good music.
they go to big stores and spend money on cd's.
they watch music video's on MTV.
they have their radio's tuned to their favorite channels
which only play the most current playlist of
singers and performers.
So called artist's like 50cent, Taylor Swift, Lil Wayne, etc.
And then they look at me.
I'm off in the corner, speaker volume
turned as loud as it can go, enjoying every single moment
of art being poured into my head.
You see, ladies and gentlemen, for those of
you who might not know this already...real music doesnt
come in a jewel case with crappy cover art of
someone sitting on a car surrounded
by millions of dollars.
Real music isnt found on maintstream media like
globally owned radio and television conglomerates.
And.....real musicians are people like Ukrainian-based jjoth
(under a different alias).
this work vastly different from his other work,
both on and off proc-records.
It seems to follow a much more pattern driven
style while also incorporating his chaotic and
emotion driven sound properties.
Like nearly all of his other work, it also maintains
a strict, low bitrate of something way below
what is considered normal, even on the netlabel scene.
(8kbps is ALWAYS welcomed here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

this is a great little ep and I am a little
upset with myself for not releasing it at an earlier time.
However, after a few months, here it finally is!

(by the way, be sure to check out his own wonderful
netlabel, 8Ravens, which can be found
at 8ravens.blogspot.com)


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