Monday, May 17, 2010



so I'm sitting here at my computer, enjoying a
nice cold beer, and I start to think to myself
"flat affect sent me an album a few days ago...
and I havent had a release from that cat in a while..."
I took a swig and got to work!! :D
basically, if you don't know who flat affect is,
he just happens to be the missing piece
to the ambient/noise-scene puzzle.
allow me to explain emphasis.

Shaun Phelps is one of the truest, down to earth
music-making gents this scene has encountered
in a long, long time (with the exception of a few
artists, of course)
a unique style which he conveys with superb execution,
shaun seems to follow a consistant patteren
of natural inconsistency.
never repeating the same method twice allows him to
expand his creative horizons on an un-even playing field.
yep, he's THAT good!
This album is everything a good
noise release should be.
close to a half-hour in length, never too a
braisive or overbearing,
superb sound placement and an
even more impressive
amount of modulation are just a few of the things
which we humble listeners
take for granted.

please don't hate me, but I don't have much else
to say about the artist or this album.
both are great and I'm beyond pleased to
have both around at proc!



since this is the first release from him ANYWHERE in about
a year, after you've listened to this
album the first few thousand times, drop
him a line through myspace and welcome
him back into the world of premium-electronic-music!

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