Wednesday, May 5, 2010



In an effort to make up for lost time, I've been
recently devoting much of my free time
to making sure that proc gets some of the freshest
music in the world out onto our global platform.
And, with artists like this next guy, a true embodiment
of a proc-rec artist through and through, Joss Manley,
aka JM, Josstintimberlake,etc, is a definite crowd pleaser
with his wonderful production methods and skillful
audio programming.

with over 5 brilliantly produced albums on proc, and
tracks found on nearly every single
one of our compilations,
josstintimberlakes work has always proven to be a
great addition to the artistic qualities
which I find so crucial (and yet so lacking in much
of the media found elsewhere).
His brutal removal of ego from all musical equations
allows him to become much more than
just another sound-boy with talent.
it gives him the ability to work within the realm of
all bitrates, styles, formats, genres, sub-genres, sub-sub-genres...
you get the idea ;)
For a proper example of what I'm talking about,
download an album like [proc135], listen to IT first,
soak up every ounce of it's fullness, then
repeat that with this album.
The realm and diversity of his talents are quite
admirable and certainly noticed, I'm sure.

This album is a journey through
what could be considered "harsh ambience",
verging on the line of noise, although
it is nothing less than pure
idea's put into mp3 form .
Washed-out sounds like distorted
melodies, and light ambient background textures
layed with reverb, and even, at times, a little bit
of phaser (it sounds like to me, anyway)
join together in perfect harmony to bring
this three-tracker into athe deepest recesses of emotion.

the bottom line is,
if you're soemone who is maybe looking
for some great ambient tracks to play around a
campfire with some friends and beer, this
album should be at the top of your list.


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