Sunday, May 2, 2010



proc-rec releases consist of many varieties.
techno, acid, jungle, ambient and noise
are just a few of these styles.
However, I like to focus more upon music
which does not fit any particular genre or description.
I take pride in knowing that people who continue to
come back to proc-rec (and it's sister label 4m@-rec)
are bringing their most unique styles and sounds
to release on this globally recognized label.

For me, an artist who has been of particular interest
over the past few years has been a man named
Under his alias of Neurosampler, he has been showcased
on some fantastic labels.
Some of which include BPM Front, Rus Zud,
Microbit and even the mysterious Dustin Must Die!
(is that label still active, i wonder?...i hope so!!!)
This time, Doodkin brings us new sounds
and musical direction through the use of his other fine
alias, dn76e.
While still a slightly new alias, he has
already composed some wonderful sounds (especially
his album on 20kbps!!!)

This single-track album is a live performance
of dn76e doing what he does best.
Simply making deep, dark, mysterious audio which
bends the mind and changes your
way of thinking about music and the way it can be produced.
Throughout the entire piece, a constant theme of
being in an unfamiliar place is what one can expect.
In my opinion, the thing that gives this album
extra interest is the encoding qualities which he has
A constant bitrate of 40kbps, 24Khz stereo mp3
take this track to a whole new level of science through
sound, simply by adding low-fidelity properties.

If you're looking for some great
experimental music that wont utilize
alot of disk space on your mp3 player, download
this little gem and enjoy!!


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