Sunday, January 16, 2011



shifting our focus a little bit
from the experimental
and noise aspects of music, the
pure and genuine styles of
the infamous Pollux is a refreshing
release indeed!

Much like the previous release, proc414,
this album is also a co-work
venture, featuring pollux
with two very distinctive musical
the first part is with an artist
known as Deftrax, who has released
on such labels like Industrial Noise Records,
& Night Terror Recordings.
When joined with Pollux, his sound
produces a much harsher aspect of
sound, while Pollux takes his very ambient
and landscape approach
to make an interesting combination
of sound.
in essence, it's two sides of the same coin.

The other person featured on this
release is a lady known
only to me as The Green Kobold.
From my understanding, she is a French
poet and vocalist.
Her soft-spoken words and
warm, comforting voice add a certain
level of comfort and food for the soul, while
once again Pollux is able to provide
some really nice and calming mellow beats
to layer over the voice, creating a
very nice trip-hop piece.

the two remaining tracks are Pollux as his solo
project, wth an ambient interlude selection as
the second track of this album, and
the final piece being a remarkable rendition of
a personal favorite track of
mine from Aphex twin, rhubarb.

Pollux has been remarkably active with
music the past few months, and both
proc and 4m@ have been truly blessed
lately with his presence in the
underground sound community.
as a person who truly appreciates music, this
album should I say....a crucial chapter
in the Pollux musical library.
On it, we truly hear his fondness for ambient,
his appreciation for hardcore electronica, his
dedication to the scene and his overall love of

this is a great album to help
re-center your universe, and demands
full attentiveness when being played.

a quick download can provide years
of enjoyment :)


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