Saturday, January 15, 2011



the cold winter months are still
quite prevalent here in the USA, especially
here in Toledo, Ohio, (proc's homebase)
where we have been hit fairly hard
with snow and very very
far below freezing temperatures.
fortunately for the people who like quality
experimental music, proc has just recently
obtained some new material from a
guy known only as Dairyola.

Hailing from Maryland, USA, Dairyola's refreshing
experimental style of noise-production is a
tribute to what can be accomplished
through utter simplicity.
Each of the albums four tracks contain the same
basic elements, and build with
relatively the same basic principle.
minimalistic modulation and
frequency/reso adjustments are what
propel these movements of audio into
the proper direction.

The album as a whole is a highly spacious and
dark journey through some compellingly complex
landscapes, and can be heard more directly on
the second track, which brings
to the table a whole plethora of various effects,
(among other things), but essentially
sums up the entire thoughts of all
by diversifying itself constantly through
it's simple yet effective changes.

all in all, this is a great introduction album
to those of you who may not have been familiar
with this artist before, including myself!
it has certainly left a lasting impression on me,
and due to it's high replay-value, I've had
the pleasure of listening deeply to this album
on multiple occasions.

if you're on the lookout for
an album with complete rhythm abandonment,
then look no further!




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