Tuesday, January 18, 2011



the time has arrived to demonstrate
true underground noise potential!!
terminating sound with
production perfection, Noskovolegs
returns to the proc-records
platform as his means for
dissemination of sound to the world!!

this ep is over twenty minutes long
and takes us deep into the heart
of a noise genious.
Seven strong tracks of music, straight
from the heartland of noise, Russia, Noskovolegs
is precisely the type of artist
we need at proc to keep the music alive!
his style can easily take different
forms, especially on this album, where
he amalgamates many different
styles into One constant destructive mess,
relentlessly bombarding the listeners
with true, pure noise!!!!

breakcore, noise, ambient, drone, and
even a few moments of IDM can
be found at random and
various points during this album.
Solid stages of glitched white-noise
provide a base of sound, while he
uses the other forms of music to fill in
the moments of silence
with intense, straight to your head sound.

noskovolegs has been with proc for quite a while,
nearly since 2008, and during these
years he has continued to please
our audience with a wide-scope and
broad mind for music.
Always providing superb-quality
noise and a profound love for
other forms of electronic music, Noskov's
presence on proc has certainly been a
pleasant experience.

Get this album, play it loud, and
keep true to noise!!!!!


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