Sunday, January 30, 2011



every label, big or small, has at least
one artist which fully identifies
with the label's general interests.
a certain individual or group project
which takes it upon themselves
to perfectly exemplify what the label
hopes to achieve.
Lucas Messier, aka VWT/Cryovolcano
has been an active lowbit cat on the
netlabel scene, releasing his wonderful
albums at places which coincide with
his ideals and values which he holds true.

On his newest release, which
proc was fortunate
enough to obtain when another
label seemed to show little interest, Lucas
(The Museum Of Vengeful Gods), fully
embraces the harsh noise genre
by brutally refusing to follow
any sort of structure, rhyme or reason.
Letting his emotions run rampid through
the use of heavy distortion, he
gracefully captures a prime moment
in underground noise.

Now, noise is a tricky genre to do well.
Yet, I consider it to be one of the
most influential movements in musical
composition since jazz, a style which
in my opinion are very strongly
the most important thing that noise
needs to maintain productivity
and interest is modulation.
without it, the piece is nothing!
So many artists forget such a crucial
thing as this, yet Lucas is more than willing
to do throughout his tracks.

Lucas has a variety of aliases, almost all
of which thrive on lowbit, and use ogg
as their shell.
He is internationally known and
globally respected, and with his presence
on proc over the past few years, he has
quite honestly propelled us into a much
higher echelon of netlabel.
always staying underground, never compromising
our morals. this is what proc is about.
and ARTists like Lucas are what keeps me going.


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