Saturday, January 15, 2011



today is the day after we
celebrate Christmas.
and, depending on which part
of the world you're from,
you may be experiencing
some seasonably cold
temperatures, maybe
even some snow!
but regardless of the
temperature, music
still plays an important role
in all of our lives, and
there is alot of music in
the world today which
is too distracting to enjoy.
please allow proc to
re-introduce to you
a type of album from
an artist I admire
very much...a piano
release from Razxca!

recorded in his usual direct-to-tape,
no editing, impulse
style, razxca transforms
the silence into
complete beauty through
the stroke of a few
piano keys.
taking advantage of your
attention and the fleeting
moments of silence between
the melodic notes,
razxca allows your mind
and soul to digest the
musical tones he plays.

Similar to his piano releases in
the past, this ep
is structured around a single piece,
perfect in length
and volume, this dark piece
is a demonstration
of how cruel the world
can be at times.
starting out with a positive
feel, the piece
slowly becomes more bleak in
a very depressive fasion and
soon ends abruptly
as if to indicate the
loss of something
special or important.

I have always admired Razxca's
ability to alter a particular
mood or thought into
something completelty different
and take a very strong
yet quite different perspective
on something that
other people might not
notice or ever concieve.
Razxca has proven
on many occasions
to be a musical and visual
revolutionary and has
been a considerable asset
to what proc-rec strives to

I welcome everyone to simply
pause for a moment in their lives
and to simply sit down and listen
to this album.


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