Sunday, January 16, 2011



at a time when the music world has
seemed to turn it's back on a whole
generation of listeners, proc
continues to battle the boredom of
poorly generated audio being cooked
and force-fed by the pop-industry.
taking the advanced minds of the planet
down to a place deeply rooted in the underground,
proc has become a fortress in the battle
of pure artistic freedom, and helping
to lead the fight is none other than
General Mike from Omaha, USA, who
operates almost exclusively under
his alias of Army Of 2600!!!

yes, ladies and gentlemen, AO2600
has returned to proc-rec with yet another
musical ally, I Make Babies Cry.
Mike's fervent efforts to incorporate
new talent to the proc family
has proved effective on every
attempt, and this new addition is no different.

while AO2600's basic sound
elements are readily apparent
throughout the album, IMBC demonstrates
some truly epic sound creation/manipulation
of their own.
adding elements of harsh noise and
various other effects like distortion, delay,
phaser(?) among others, the two
projects form like Voltron and
mix their material together tet a tet ,
without drowing each other out with
their respective parts.
all in all, this is a remarkably well rounded album,
easily digestable in one sitting, but
by no means requiring one listen to be effective.
this is the sort of album to take with you
on your portable media device
(though please, not an iPod. Brittany Spears uses one...),
wherever life may take you.
The Chilling chords in "fireworld" are sure
to add ample mood to any situation ;)

Now, being a pacifist of sorts, I hate fighting.
Unless, of course it is fighting for something I truly
believe in, music being towards the
top of the list.
Mike delivers progress and perfection
with each and every album, regardless
of where his sounds may be heard
(though we prefer them at proc as often as possible!).
Once again choosing his
comrads wisely, AO2600 and IMBC
have certainly caught my attention.
make no mistake, proc is here to stay, and
we have just fired our weapons of mass audio.
prepare yourself if you can!!!


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