Monday, January 26, 2009



2009 is finally here, and the month of January is coming to a
Before I begin these notes, please allow me to give
you folks another reason to celebrate...
Today marks the beginning of a Chinese New Year!!
However, as massive of an event as that is, something even
more profound has happened...
my friends, this album you have just downloaded is the
very first overthruster release at proc-records in 2009!!!
And boy, what a fucking release it is!!!!!

the fucking amazing overthruster has thankfully returned to
proc-rec in an effort to once again properly destroy
audio systems in various time-zones.
Reminiscent of early Venetian Snares (?) material
fused with some amazing underground acid-junglism, Seth
is found in fine-form with this destructively perfect little ep =]
Heavy on the bass, perfectly spread and deeply accurate
(spurratic) percussion, great samples...wait...did I mention
the bass?

This is honestly one of the roughest ep's that proc-rec has ever
had from overthruster, and it make no is one of
my personal favorites from him
(it's hard to choose just one, he has so
many great albums!!! i.e. pretty much anything at 20kbps!!!)
Talking about this album does these tracks no justice whatsoever.

Overthruster, you've done it again man...
dont ever fucking stop!


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