Saturday, January 10, 2009



having now been placed at the very beginning
of a new year, proc-records has high hopes and aspirations
for the progression of this label, even while we still
remain slightly disabled due to the recent computer failure we
have experienced.

However, in the recent months we have experienced
tremendous growth, and joining us in this growth has
been a very dedicated (i use that word alot, dont I?)
artist who many visitors and listeners have come
to enjoy, known as jjoth.
close to a dozen releases at proc-rec, jjoth has been
an audio visionary whose skills and techniques
have not only impressed many people, it has also
been placed in a catagory seeming to belong exclusively
to him alone!

On each and every releases, jjoth
(who on this album he is known as jj8T7)
takes his work and moves it to the outer extremes of sound.
For example, on this release jjoth uses the
highest attainable bitrate quality for mp3 format, yet it
also happens to be one of his shortest releases here, totaling
a runtime of just under two minutes!
The high bitrate gives the track a clear sound, yet the piece
is cut short.
A strange combination indeed, yet that seems
to be the precise thing that he was trying to accomplish.

to put it simply, jjoth is nothing short of unique and original.
He is welcome to release here as often as he is able, and
I wait with MUCH anticipation for any future oppurtunities to
place his wonderful art, both audio and visual, here at
the best label for advanced ears, proc-records.

it's a short one, but it's full of promise and ranks
rather high on enjoyability ;)


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