Sunday, December 28, 2008



after much wait, the second ep from the very talented
Lik-o has finally arrived!
Lik-o first released on proc-rec a few months
with a smashing little ep that left not only myself,
but many other people wanting more!
We finally have the chance to hear some brand new material...

The title of this album, Groovy EP, certainly describes
this album quite well.
four pieces, 3 original and one bonus track, are found
and they sound terrific.

The ep opens with the funky track "Travelingwithoutmoving!"
which is a very laid-back piece.
various effects, funky basslines, good rhythm and clear sound,
this track is the perfect way to open the album.
after this is the track "I still think about you"
which is just as upbeat as the previous.
It has a slightly more techno/house sound than the opeing
piece, but the choppy bassline effect
adds a distinct amount of IDM flavor and really
takes the piece in a different direction.

track three is titled "Self Hypnosis".
It opens with a very granulated textural effect
and then slowly incorporates a heavy rhythmic
drum sequence, complete with static-clicks, grinding clips
and a very impressive trance-sounding melody.
The final piece on this album is my personal favorite.
It's very calm and subtle, yet has a rough-sounding
quality to it, which makes it nice to sit back and listen
to or perfect to hit the dancefloor and groove to :)

The saying "good things come in good time" certainly holds true.
Since his debut album with us, I have been patiently
awaiting new material from him, and now we finally have it!
If you are looking for a fun little album to listen to with your friends
or just to bump at a party, download this, burn it on a disc and
turn it up!!

it's time to gt grooooooooovy ;)


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