Monday, December 22, 2008



this evening, proc-rec has something NEW to boast about!!
a debut release from our newest sonic-sound project
from abroad known as Krosot.

Hailing from Malaysia, Krosot recently
sent this fantastic one-track ep over to preview, and the
results were splendid!
In short, this composition is a very dark (almost apocolyptic) track.
VERY Heavy distortion consumes the entire piece, and at
a constant bitrate of 64kbps, you simply cannot go wrong :)

I admit, prior to this ep I knew very little about
this project.
I had heard the name before from seing it as part of the
catalog listing at one of my favorite netlabels, Love Torture Records.
However, it seems as though this gentleman has been actively
producing audio for quite a while, and even
has a few physical releases, including a cassette
on Underground Pollution Rec (based out of France).

I always like to have new artists releasing on proc-records,
especially when they bring an album like this!
Krosot is may be new to proc-rec, but he is, by
no means, a newcomer to the music scene.
I hope that this EP is only the beginning of many, many more
releases from him at proc-records.

Please, join me in congratulating and celebrating our
two-hundred-thirty-seventh release from an artist
who certainly deserves MUCH recognition...


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