Wednesday, December 3, 2008



The incomparable GAAD haas (thankfully) once again
returned to proc-records by allowing us to release
his newest ep of killer audio!!

This time around we hear GAAD laying down some really
gorgeous rhythmic audio in conjunction with thick
layers of grainy noise textures.
The bpm of the percussion is very slow and, in a way it adds
it's own noise-factor, bringing another interesting quality to
the ep.
GAAD's music has always been influential, intuitive and original,
and I have noticed that his rhythmic audio has been
particularly focused on originality.
Sucessfully fusing deep white-noise as a filler
and peppering kicks, snares and high hats in a slightly haphazzard
fashion, GAAD may have stumbled across
a new genre! :D

The entire release plays for nearly twenty minutes
and works well for nearly any purpose.
Deep listening, walking, working, whatever!
Click it, Download it, share it, enjoy it!

we certainly do! ;)


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