Monday, December 15, 2008



jjoth is one of those artists who always seems to deliver
something new, exciting, and original.
Our Ukrainian producing friend has given us here at proc-rec
something new to smile about
with another brilliant free-formish experimental EP.

Sonic textures of deep static and bass explode at vaious
parts of this albums life and fill in the fleeting gaps of silence
which would otherwise be wasted.
Following no specific rhythm or pattern, the compositions
on this album are very spurratic and change rapidly,
even during a single track!
Something else about this release which I found really
sets it apart from his previous releases here is the use
of more solid basslines and a subtle mixture of melody and
chopped vocals.

As I have mentioned before, jjoth's music is sooo incredably diverse, upon
hearing it someone could immediately recognise who
it was simply due to it's distinct sound.
Experimental music composing is something that few people
are able to do with the level of succes that I have heard from jjoth.
Each album is consistantly different from one another
(though an pop-music fan's ear would probably beg to differ)
and he really does a superb job of making sure
his music doesnt all sound alike.

Being an enormous fan of experimental audio, music like this
is very refreshing for me to hear.
It is very emotionally expressive while retaining a
large amount of mystery under a cloak of extreme darkness.
Not only is jjoth an impressive producer, he also happens to be
a very fine visual artist, drawing his own covers which are included
with each of his releases!

Folks, I sincerely hope that you enjoy this album
as much as I do.
Alice ALWAYS devotes 100% to his work, and this release
truly embodies what ART really is.

Thanks again jjoth!!!
proc-rec is happy to have you here :)


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