Friday, December 26, 2008



As we bring the [proc23x]'s to a close and introduce
the new series of proc-rec releases, the release from our
good friend Evgenij V. Kharitonov has been locked
into the [proc240] slot.

Eugene is an immensly diverse artist.
With skills ranging from nearly every aspect of electronic music,
he has been a major part of proc-records for
a very long time and his presence has certainly been felt.
Because of his very strong capabilites to change the direction
of his sound, he frequently uses various aliases to
keep the listener from becoming confused.
Thus, this new ep titled Mirror is an excellent
representation of just how unique this gentleman's skills
actually are.

The first piece, under his Microbit Project alias, is a track
which shows Eugene using his rhythm-based skills in sound.
Complex patterns form harshly and intensly while
a matrix of sound effects come crashing into your speakers.
While this track could be considered IDM, I would
classify it as more of a rhythm-noise track.
a very interesting piece, it takes you on a
deep journey into the complexity's of organized sound.
The second piece is an ambient, textural track which, much
like the previous track, is rather dark and secluded.
Droning melodies and other various sounds fill your speakers
with lucious audio, satisfying your ears to the max!

It is really a nice thing to see Eugene remaining as musically
active as he has been, especially during these
past few months.
He can be found releasing on several other netlabels, including
his own spectacular netlabel (also called Microbit Project).
Regardless of your current mood, Eugene has the sound to fit!
And proc-rec is pleased beyond words to have the oppurtunity
to bring you...


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