Monday, December 22, 2008



It's been a while since Aramaki last released with us
(his last was around mid september or so)
and in that time we have had a variey of releases
with a plethora of styles, each being very unique
to the particular artist.
I am an artist who likes to fool around sometimes
when making audio.
Sometimes, the crazier the sounds, the better the work.
However, I also have a profound interest in rhythmic work
and appreciate people who sit down in front
of their equipment and really get down to some serious business.

Aramaki is one such artist.
Truly dedicated to continuosly producing quality,
un-compromised audio, Aramaki's work has always
seemed to be very well produced with an exceptionally
professional-sounding mastering.
This release features deeply heartful rhythm based tracks
focused very highly on an IDM type of sound.
Sounding almost like something from an early Warp Records
release, these pieces cover a variety of electronic styles
and have a very high replay value! :)

With the exception of Magude, these tracks
have somewhat uptempo beats united with solid
textural melodies and heavy bass.

All in all, this is a very nice album to have on your portable
media player and to listen to regularly.
Unfortunately, we don't recieve many releases from
Aramaki (I'm hoping that will change though!)
but this album certainly makes up for the time lost!

prepare to have an aural pleasing adventure
into the new underground! ;)



p.s. Rosath is AMAZING
also, check out..

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