Saturday, December 13, 2008



Anywhere in life, it is almost guaranteed that
you will, at one time or another, have to prove yourself
to the people around you.
With music, that can be a fairly difficult task since not everyone
like the same styles, genres or tempo's.
For example, it could be very hard to have your friend's 85 year-old
grandmother (who listens to classic opera)
to enjoy a harsh acid-house track from Plastikman.
I'm not saying it's impossible, but I certainly wish you
the best of luck!
(who doesnt like plastikman, though???)

Now, there is one thing about music which has
much certainty....
alot of people use it as a way to unwind or relax after
a long or stressful day.
And, in many cases, people will sometimes turn to
deep, or mellow tracks to help them achieve the desired
state of mind.
Fortunately, there is one such man who can produce
nearly any type of electronic instrumental music, suitable
for almost any mental ailment!

His name is GAAD and he is a proc-rec alumni.
Approaching nearly a dozen seperate appearances here at
proc-records, GAAD's music has left a lasting impression on my
mind and I often look to his music for inspiration with
my own.
This highly prolific musician mastermind from abroad
has been kind enough to allow me to once again
release his sounds to the WORLD, and for that, I am grateful.

This album features four seperate tracks, all of which
were cut to the same length and share a common theme or
Very dark, ambient, and of course noisy and harsh, GAAD's newest EP
is perfect for chilly nights, looking out a window and wondering
what will happen next in this crazy planet of ours.

What I also thought was pretty cool about this album was that
the tracks sound as if they were originally encoded at a low
bitrate (8kbps it would seem), then rendered back into wav,
AND THEN encoded back into a higher quality mp3.
That may not sound like something new to some
of you, and really, it isn't a new technique, but it does add
a cool lo-fi quality to these tracks which takes them to
a whole nutha' level!!

A great ep by a great artist released on proc-rec
for the greatest listeners on the planet Earth :D


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