Sunday, December 28, 2008



proc-records has something new to smile about.
Straight out of Nyc is a new artist to our label, who uses
the alias of Klang Association.

WIth a runtime of roughly 29 minutes, this VERY strong
EP has eight-seperate tracks, each with a government-decay
Using samples from old documentaries (even one from Mr. Oppenheimer)
and even one from Condoleezza Rice, this
nicely produced ep is an excellent introduction from this
astounding project!
A very laid-back and down-tempo album, Klang Association
demonstrates its abilities to produce wonderfully
simple, yet complexingly impressive beats throughout
this entire album.

Something that really impressed me was the way the tracks
on this album had been arranged.
From one track to the next, they flow almost seemlessly and
each one seems to compliment the previous.
Along with that, the tracks themselves have a very clear and
rich sound, and play remarkably well at higher volumes, which
typically is where some level of distortion tends to become
a factor.

Anway, this is an excellent introduction album, and Klang Association
have really done a superb job of putting together some
really strong pieces.
Normally my linear notes for releases are a little lengthier, however,
the audio contained on this ep pretty much speaks for itself :)

without further delay, I am pleased to bring to the underground,
a whole new ablum to bump on your systems for the
remainder of 2008 and all through 2009!


also, check out K.A. at...

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