Wednesday, December 3, 2008



Ever wanted to go to a live performance of an artist
or project that plays great music, only to find out they
wont be coming to a town near you??
I'm pretty sure we've ALL been there at some point.
In these tough times, it's hard for artists to
travel great distances due to high fuel costs and
time restrictions.
However, with the advent of the internet, shows and live
performances can be recorded, saved, and posted online
for fans far and wide to download and enjoy!!!

Well people, allow me to introduce one such recording!
XENOCATS, a Nebraska-based artist of extremely high importance
here at proc-rec recently performed live in Omaha and
was kind enough to record it for us to enjoy and play
whenever we want (and trust me, I have!!!).
A matrix of insanely accurate and pleasant sounds
are strewn over deep effects and other sound sources
,including that wonderful heavy delay that is
truly the tradmark style of XENOCATS
have all melted together in one giant (rice/soy) milk-saucer.

While it is unfortunate that many of us were not able to
attend, it is nice to know that people are still hitting the town
and fucking up reputable establishments in their own
unique way!
XENOCATS is a perfect example of someone who is
going against the grain of music and making his own
mark on the scene.
Maybe that's why we love him so much?? :D

either way, for those of you who werent there
(and even for those of you who were) this recording
puts you right smack dab in the middle of it all.
Atari 2600-a-blazin'!!!!



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